4 Common Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

4 Common Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

A reliable and waterproof roof is a must for anyone living in areas of heavy rainfall, wind, or storms. Minor problems like a leaky roof can quickly escalate during extreme weather conditions.

The roof can start leaking for various reasons, and it’s essential to find the fault and get it fixed before the problem increases. Here are a few reasons why your roof might be leaking.

Clogged gutter

Gutters can become clogged because of pine needles, branches, leaves, or debris. If the drain is clogged, it will stop the flow of rainwater. This water will accumulate on the roof and will permeate on your roof’s surface. You will have to keep your gutters clean when the seasons change so that water can run efficiently.

Damaged tiles or shingles

Tiles on the roof act as the outermost layer of protection for your house from storms and rainfall. However, they are the first to get damaged as they are exposed to all harsh weather conditions. Tiles and shingles usually break down after heavy storms and will need to be replaced. However, you can choose to change only damage tiles rather than replacing your whole roof.

Also, if your roof is leaking, it will create space between the tiles. You need professional help to pinpoint where exactly the roof is leaking from and causing the damage.

Vent leaks

Roof vents are used to remove excess heat and moisture from a house to limit the mold that might grow inside the house. If you can pinpoint a leak that is around the base of your vent, it’s likely that you will see a few dark spots in that area, giving out a musty smell.

This can be fixed by replacing the flashing around the base of the vent. Once the vent is secured, the leak will automatically stop.


A skylight is a window that is installed on your roof to get more natural light in the house. If your skylight is not sealed with flashing, it can be devastating as it can be a significant cause of roof leak. Leaking skylight can be a catastrophic leak and needs to be repaired correctly.

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