5 Reasons Siding is Important in Home Restoration


Home up-gradation is often about making additions to your interior, and siding is usually overlooked. But after your lawn, siding is the most glamorous aspect of your home. It adds aesthetic value to your property and provides it with insulation, durability, and protection. 

Here, we give you a low-down on the five primary reasons detailing why siding is an essential aspect of home restoration. 

Aesthetics and home value 

Your house’s siding plays a crucial role in enhancing its curb appeal, which can add significantly to your home’s market value. If your siding is old and outdated, it’s time to replace it. Many types of siding, such as vinyl, wood, fiber-cement, and brick-and-stone, are prevalent. Upgrading your siding is an investment and not an expense, as siding replacement gives you a high (about 80% to 90%) return on investment. 


The quality of siding has a significant impact on your home’s insulation as it blocks air from leaving and entering your home. Incorrect or damaged siding lets the sun’s harsh rays into your homes, putting extra pressure on your air conditioner to keep the indoors cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Good quality, updated siding keeps your air conditioner/thermostat working in top condition as it reduces air leakage and rapid temperature changes. Some siding types have an extra layer of insulation on the top, allowing you to save significantly on your energy bills. 


Gutters are your first line of defense against rain, and siding creates a waterproof envelope around your house. 

Water often causes the most damage to your interiors, such as doors and windows, air vents, and foundations. Excess moisture may damage your attic and walls. Therefore, it is essential to invest in quality siding to ensure proper waterproofing for your house.  

Protection and durability

Besides keeping it dry, siding protects your home from pest infestations (including rats and rodents) by sealing it. It also guards your home against external damage because of extreme weather such as storms and hail. 

During wet weather, trapped moisture can promote a colony of mold and damage frames, which would then require expensive repairs. Good-quality siding can save you there. Some sidings also offer protection against fire hazards. 

Low energy bills

It is tough to tell when is the best time to renovate your siding. But if it is no longer keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer, know it is time for a replacement. Effective siding should provide insulation and let you save on energy bills. 

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