My Home’s Exterior – Gutter Materials

When it rains, it can definitely pour! Are your gutters ready to handle any weather, come rain, wind, snow, or sunshine? Most homeowners only notice their gutters when they’re full of leaves or sagging. That’s why when one of our Project Managers from DHI Roofing comes to inspect your home, we look at everything from your roof, siding, gutters, and even your shed! Gutters can come in all shapes and sizes and even add a touch of personality to your home. Making the choice for your gutters is simple! Here are examples of the types of gutters that are used for residential roofing systems:

Vinyl Gutters – The constituents of the vinyl gutter system are made up of superior vinyl resin. The availability of a urethane seal makes its installation simple and leak free, which allows your home to be prone to water run-off.In addition, when used in mild climates they work equally well. Poor setup can result in drooping areas and vinyl rain gutters do have a reputation for growing brittle and cracking with time and in severe cold.

Aluminum – Aluminum guttering is quite often formed on-site from a roll of sheet aluminum. This leads to fewer joints except at the corners and downspouts.

Steel – Steel guttering comes in shorter lengths, so there tend to be many joints in the system — not just at the corners. More often now they are being formed on-site from a roll of metal much like aluminum.

Copper – A copper gutter system is one of the most elegant choices for a gutter system, and a copper system will add significant curb appeal to your home. Your home does not have to be an expensive home to benefit from a copper gutter system; any home will stand out with this installation. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the prestigious appearance of your home for many years. Equally as important is the long lasting nature of copper gutter systems. Roof drainage will not pit or rust copper gutter products like they will other metal gutters. Copper also resists corrosion; it is extremely durable. Additionally, copper will develop a beautiful protective patina over time in some climates. The wide variety of downspouts, ornamental outlets, and conductor heads add an elegant finishing touch.The soldered seams make the copper gutters a seamless gutter system which will protect your home from falling water. Copper mounting accessories are stronger and they last longer than ordinary metal accessories. The strength of the copper mounting accessories will ensure that the gutters are secure against the fascia or another mounting surface. These accessories are the best method for protecting your foundation from intrusion by water that will run over the gutters that are not securely mounted.

Copper gutter sizing is important, and the sizing is dependent on the amount of rain expected and the area of the roof that will drain into the copper gutter. The length of the copper gutter will determine the locations of the mounting parts and the copper downspouts.

If you’re wondering if your gutters need to be replaced, chances are your entire roofing system needs to be inspected. That’s why all of our home exterior inspections are free. Let DHI Roofing come and give your home the proper care it deserves and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. If you need professional gutter services in Missouri, contact us.