Roof Repair or Replacement: How to Choose?

Roof repair and replacement

We all need to maintain the roof of our house, but correctly identifying whether it needs roof repair or replacement can be tricky. You may have the tools, but you may not know the right way or time to do it. Here is a small guide that will answer all your questions related to roof repair vs. roof replacement and hopefully help you make the right decision. 

What should determine your plan of action?

The following factors play a crucial role in deciding whether your roof needs a repair or if you’d have to redo the whole thing. So consider each of these carefully when making a choice.

  • Roof type and material
  • Draining system 
  • Ponding water
  • Your roof’s age 
  • Maintenance level
  • The extent of damage due to weather
  • Leaks 

When to repair?

Roofs age more quickly than buildings. They suffer more from weather conditions than the rest of your house. Wind pressure affects joints, rainfall erodes the surface, and the sun breaks down the membranes over time. 

Though new roofing materials come with a warranty for both the material and the artistry, this doesn’t mean that your roof won’t damage with time. Your provider will only service and repair your roof for any damage under the warranty period. If your roofing is new and you can see it corroding or loosening, it is time to call for a repair. 

When to replace?

If it’s been a few years since you last restored your roof, and repair/restoring isn’t working anymore, it’s time to replace your roof. Replacement is the only option if harsh weather has damaged your roof beyond repair. 

About DHI Roofing 

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